When you engage 3Consulting we set three processes in motion. Always. The first is connecting. People to one another, to purpose, motivation, service. Service to mission, vision, strategy, goals, and impact. Impact to customers, the company, community and to the people again. We specialize in building bridges which span distance and difference through conversations that matter - Who are we? What are we capable of? Where do we most want to go?


Whether you are transforming an entire organization, bringing a new product or service to market, or making a transition from one phase of life to another, 'creating with' is the process required. 3Consulting helps you bring the right people together, weaving webs of trust and commitment - strong, resilient - both structured and flexible enough to hold folks as they scan conditions, listen for stakeholder needs and desires, ideate, and create the future together.


Change, be it chosen or thrust upon you, takes thoughtful planning, heavy lifting, the right tools for the job. Changing direction, a process, strategy, results most often means changing hearts and minds too. Visioning, assessing, engaging, planning, implementing, and adapting to change takes time to do right and compassion to do well. The professionals of 3Consulting have seen thousands of folks through their seasons of change. Our toolkit is weighty, our compassion is vast.