We are proud to share some of the conversations we are having with of a few of our clients. What door did we walk in together, what did we find on the other side, where are they in their transformation process and how is 3Consulting guiding their journey.

Qantas Airlines

Qantas Airlines was facing very strong competition within their domestic airline group. Waiting in an airport to catch a flight, one of the senior executives of Qantas picked up the book "Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything" by Dr. John Izzo.  By the time the Qantas executive arrived home, he was inspired to contact Dr. Izzo.  They were interested in creating a program based on the book to prepare all of their employees for the business challenges ahead.  The Next Step program was designed, created and to date, more than 8,000 employees have attended the program. 3 Consulting played a significant role in the implementation of The Next Step Program at Qantas.


WGL (Washington Gas Light) was in the midst a transformational journey from a public utility to Energy Answers, Ask Us! To do this they needed a unifying experience for all of their employees to become living models of this transformation.  An experience was created by the Dr. John Izzo team based on his most recent book, "Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Change Everything".  3 Consulting worked within the Izzo team to design, create and implement the program.  In addition, 15 employees of WGL were trained to facilitate the experience, "Stepping Up to Become WGL Energy Answers."


NBCUniversal had integrated 2 teams within the HR function to create a seamless, "world class" experience for their customers.  After experiencing the work of Dr. John Izzo, an NBCUniversal leader connected with the Izzo team to support this effort.  3 Consulting was instrumental in designing and facilitating a team alignment experience to support the teams in creating a"world class" customer experience.

Blue Zones Project

The Blue Zones Project is a community by community well-being transformation strategy based the book "The Blue Zones-Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest written by National Geographic Explorer, Dan Buettner.  The strategy is designed to optimize environments where people live, work and play.  3 Consulting in partnership with Healthways, Inc. is providing consultative services to one of the nine  key behavioral characteristics of Blue Zone Communities.  To date over 20 conversations with more than 1,500 people have been facilitated around the key behavior-Know Your Purpose.  3 Consulting continues to play an important role in this effort across the state of Iowa.

Main Street Mason City

Main Street Mason City is a non-for-profit organization that assists in the transformation efforts for Mason City, Iowa, it's mission is to enhance, promote and preserve downtown Mason City as a diverse business, cultural and residential destination, for the benefit of the entire community. Main Street Mason City is part of the Iowa Economic Development Authority which administers various state and federal programs designed to help community leaders reinvest in core infrastructure, recover from natural disasters when they occur and revitalize to make each community’s vision a reality. 

3 Consulting, Inc. was asked to create a strategy to integrate and align the Board of Directors who had recently turned over all major board positions. The Executive Director was new and had been in her role just short of one year.  The consultative services of 3 Consulting have made it possible for the Board of Directors and the Executive Director to build relationships and trust among themselves, the City Council of Mason City and the community as a whole.  In addition they are implementing their 2014 Strategy and Business Goals created together with the support and guidance of 3 Consulting, Inc.