I share with you some of my most important business relationships.  These individuals have influenced me in so many positive ways, helping me to become the person and change consultant I am today.  They have and continue to be significant people in the creation and on-going growth of 3 Consulting, Inc.  I don't often put my reputation on the line to recommend individuals to other people and organizations, but when I do, I am passionate about them! Let me introduce you to some amazing individuals-

John Izzo, Ph.D.



John Izzo is a business leadership expert and community leader. He is a world-renowned author, speaker, thought leader, and executive coach in conversations that are answering the question-How do you create organizations where people thrive?  

He consults and advises some of the most admired companies in the world, teaches at major universities, conducts leading edge research on workplace values, and has spoken to more than one million people across the globe.

John is all of these things, AND, he is my business partner, hero and friend. He  is  passionate and committed to influencing individual and corporate responsibility that has a positive impact on people and our planet. He truly cares about having conversations that make a difference.  

 If you are interested beginning a conversation with John, I encourage you to connect with him through his website:





Lisa Connors is the Owner and Chief Hybrid Consultant of NEXTWORK PARTNERS.  She is a designer, facilitator, consultant and global activist in training.  She has vast experience in consulting in Healthcare; Education; Manufacturing; Non-profit; Publishing; Automotive; Government; Community Development; Architecture & Design; Travel; Pharmaceutical Research; Foundations.  What makes Lisa unique is her belief that together we have all we need-Here's what she brings as Hybrid Consultant:

She and her partners help you define 'what's next' and build a sound bridge from here to there. NEXTWORK PARTNERS is not built on one model, idea, platform or 'expert'.  Instead she and her  partners have a richly abundant variety of experiences, education and orientations they build upon where they find the willing and ready to take bold leaps ahead.

Lisa is all of these things AND she is my mentor, trusted advisor, and friend. She is passionate and committed to serving others, growing people, ideas and organizations.  She truly cares about engaging her clients' heads and hearts in conversations to call forward their next work-Boldly. Creatively. Sustainably. 

If you are interested in beginning a conversation with Lisa and NeXtWork Partners, I encourage you to connect with her through her website:




O'Brien is one of the top 100 Coaches in ActionCOACH Business Coaching and one of the original 60 Gitomer Certified Advisors in the world. O'Brien brings over 20 years of remarkable leadership, personal development, sales and marketing experience to business owners across the country. In addition to coaching executives & business owners one-to -one, he conducts public & private workshops & seminars. He is an inspirational keynote speaker and motivator, a results orientated business coach, and a trainer. Andy's goal is to help successful people with Leadership performance and Business Growth through Awareness, Education, Implementation and Discipline.

Andy is all of these things AND he my coach, business operations guru, and role model.  He is an intense motivator, a dreamer, and the most positive and optimistic person I know.  He is all about pushing you to performance success that you wouldn't accomplish without his guidance.  He is driven to help people and businesses be successful-like 3 Consulting, Inc.!

If you are interested in beginning a conversation with Andy, I encourage you to connect with him