Photo by Jodee O'Brien

Our Mission

We guide people and organizations through times of great change by-

through community

through conversation

through people


Our Values

Relationships Matter

Conversation is Critical

Community is the Answer


Our Beliefs

We believe strongly that conversations matter-that all change begins in conversation and when we begin talking to each other we change as individuals, teams, organizations and as a society.  We believe human to human connection is critical to our success and well-being because we desire connection at our deepest level.  

Conversations aren't new but they are no longer seen as a critical ingredient in how we work together as people in community. There are many conversations that need to happen and yet it can be challenging to begin them and stay in them, especially when the people in them are passionate about their own perspectives.

We believe that our survival is dependent on our ability to talk to each other. It is through these connections, these conversations, and these communities that we will thrive.  

Start a conversation today - a conversation that really matters - we will all be different because you did!