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Rox Pals
Owner, Founder 3Consulting

You might be wondering how a nurse becomes a organizational change consultant.  I often wonder myself!  As a young nurse I found myself in the operating room-and as my nursing professor told me-"great intellect and talent was wasted!"

In those days, in that place , the belief was "we fix the problem and stitch them up".  Yikes!  To me it was so much more than that.  To me it was work of the soul, spiritual work.  In that place we cared for people who were vulnerable-needing support, compassion, and tender care.  It was in that place that I came to believe the human spirit is capable of great things.

My next role was that of nurse leader.  In this role, my primary purpose was to create and facilitate trusting relationships, bring people together in community and frankly get out of their way.  Much to their surprise, they always had what they need to be successful, they just needed to remember!  

From there I fulfilled a role to create, develop and implement a culture and change strategy for a national healthcare organization.  With all of the complexity of this enterprise of healing, I again came to realize that  strong relationships and committed people can change anything.  

As I reflect on the past, live the present and look to the future, I see the connectivity of all of my roles.  My work is really about creating opportunities for people to gather together, to talk about what matters most to them, and to facilitate conversations where they find the answers they need. 

Now as I guide people and organizations through times of great change, I am ever more committed to gather people in conversations where change can emerge. This is what compels me to do what I do and always seek the next conversation! 

I invite you to participate in conversations that matter to me by reading and commenting on my blog, "In Conversation".  

Be well.  

We were together. I forget the rest.
— Walt Whitman

Excerpts from Rox's Blog: "In conversation"